Car Parking Management System for Underground Car Parking

Airport Parking Management Software

Easily manage bike or car or four-wheeler airport parking lots by using Auto Hive, advanced parking lot management software.
Track airport traffic and parking of cars, jeeps, SUVs with or without numbers and get instant reports of vehicle movement and earnings.

  • Instant tokens paper or digital
  • Flexible pricing configuration manager
  • Allow Zero Charges for Drops within time-limit
  • Configure Boom-barriers for entries and exits

Airport parking lots are run by contractors who win the bid on tenders floated by Airport Management Authorities
(like the Airports Authority of India). They allot the bid to contractors for a specific period usually running upto a year for managing the parking lots with good Airport Parking Management Software.
The charges for Airport Parking areas are usually a little higher than normal parking lots. Some airports even allow a few minutes like upto *10 minutes of time between entries and exits.
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Tokens generated instantly within a second without inconveniencing the customers by making them wait!

Feature highlights of Parking Token System for Airports:

Airport Parking lots will definitely need Airport Parking Management Software to take care of the vehicles entering and exiting the premises. They cannot afford to have a manual mechanism as it might lead to inconveniencing passengers who are arriving or departing from the location. It is usually mandated by the Airports authority to have either a Mobile or Web or Desktop based Parking Management App to efficiently manage the vehicles entering in and out along with the daily cash flow.

AutoHive Airport Parking Management System or App or Software gives you the ability to control and manage the Parking Lot business by allowing all functionalities right from Pricing and Cash Collection.

  • Configure and Setup a Barrier integrated Airport Parking Management System
  • Ability to create multiple accounts and assign permissions
  • Ability to create different and flexible pricing for different types of vehicles
  • Pricing based on pricing on different schedules
  • Pricing based on peak or off-peak hour timings
  • Daily or Hourly Parking Charge configurations
  • Choice of tokens via customer app or SMS or printed tokens
  • Single cumulated reporting
  • Aging report of vehicles parked long time ago (basically helps identify stolen vehicles being parked)

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