Auto Hive is a parking related software app development service and SAAS product. We have many products for the Automobile parking industry. Notable of them are Auto Hive Parking Lot Management Software and Auto Hive Smart Valet Parking Service.

The Parking Lot Management Software is available as both a Cloud based app and as On Device App as well. This has all the necessary features to run a Parking Lot with a fewer employees and makes day to day running of the parking lot much easier. A user can create, print, send sms, notification of tokens, tokens can be enabled to print with or without vehicle numbers, token prices are automatically calculated based on the pricing configuration. End of day shift transfers will be seamless without the need to manually re-concile the token data.

The Valet Parking Service App has features and stages to

  • take keys of vehicles (cars)
  • hand over to drivers
  • park the vehicles in the assigned area
  • parking lot supervisor’s status updates
  • ability for customers to request vehicles a few minutes before he is about to leave
  • deliver the vehicle & keys to the customer

This Valet Parking App is generally suitable for star hotels or luxury shops where the customers need to be given the utmost care and convenience to improve sales conversion rates.

I have more than one parking lots in different places. Can I use this app for all lots at once?

Yes, you can create multiple parking lots under one account of yours and manage all lots under the created account.

Does it support multiple users?

Yes, it supports multiple users.

Can I configure my token pricing on my own?

Yes, Autohive app allows you to configure your own parking token pricing. The pricing can be set to different types of vehicles in a tiered fashion.
You can also price the Parking Token Charges with a

  • minimum amount for any minutes/hours you choose
  • tiered rates starting from minimum hours to the next level
  • a maximum rate

Can I Schedule different Token rates for Peak seasons or Peak hours?

Yes, you can set different rates for different seasons and peak hours too

Does Auto Hive support Valet Parking Service?

A Software App for Valet Parking is available separately.

Do you have a contact phone number or email?

Yes, please click here for contact details

Can you customize this product according to my requirements?

Yes, we support customization as per your requirement if our current product does not suit your needs. Please feel free to contact us.
We have a strong team who can also do custom software development on ReactJS, Angular, Flutter, .Net Core and more.

Can the software be used on Mobile?

Yes, the software supports Android Mobiles and Handhelds as well

Does the software have web versions?

Yes, the software has a reporting interface on Web.

What is your company?

This product is developed by PM Square Soft, Full stack React and Flutter Development Company

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