Parking Real Estate and Automation

The population has been a challenge for the entire human race. Just as the world has been trying to overcome the fight on poverty, the aspirational middle class has thrown a new challenge in by purchasing millions of vehicles.
One of the modern-day goals for a good aspirational seeker has been ownership of cars or bikes. Though the use of public transport is still prevalent, there tends to be a growing population who always try to own their car or parking and avoid public transportation most of the time.
This has thrown in new challenges for our generation in terms of space for parking these vehicles. On average every upper-middle-class family or person owns a car and a bike. The biggest threat in several countries is the poor capacity planning of roads and parking real estate to hold these automobiles. This leads to social issues among the public like conflicts on parking due to scarcity, ownership issues, etc.,
One of the sought after solutions are to multiply the capacity of the existing lot by improving the infrastructure to support park vehicles vertically with assistance from automation equipment with little manual assistance. This improves the availability of space and can be practically be applied in commercial areas where the investments can be pooled in by taxes or shared commercial communities etc.,
Some of such vertical parking solutions are

Underground parking Lots:

Some places already offer this and this actually uses the same space as the building but allows parking by building a structure below the buildings, Underground parking but may not a great idea as it does not allow any contact of rainwater with earth and not considered a sustainable solution.

Multi-Level Parking System:
  • Stack parking system
  • Horizontal circulation type with Conveyor principle
  • Tower parking
Multi stories parking

Most of the above except Multi-storey parking operates on Semi-automated mechanisms and is very space-efficient increasing the availability of space where we have constraints. Residential areas still have some issues where people are affluent with money but have space constraints. There are many such commercial spaces where even a square foot of space costs a fortune and in many places, such spaces are not ready to be sold even if a lot of money is available. So finding solutions to ease such difficulties has become a necessity of the day and a lot of establishments like societies, governments including commercial businesses have been working on it for a long time now.

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