Parking Token Management with Centralized Software

Cities are being inundated with thousands of vehicles plying in and out of the limits. Though public transportation is quite acceptable in some places, most of the places, cities, and countries are falling short of their ability to transport lots of people to different places especially inside and outside of cities.
With this issue, as cities grow with a shortfall in public mass transportation modes, people prefer their own vehicles for official as well as a personal commute. This leads of course to the next problem – Parking.
Parking lots are scarce nowadays due to the vehicle population and management of them has become difficult too. Many parking lots and their owning companies try to streamline the parking by issuing paper tokens. Most companies have the below process.

  • Print a bill book
  • When the vehicle enters the lot, note it in a token of the bill book with a duplicate copy
  • Enter this in a vehicle entry journal
  • When the vehicle goes out,
  • verify the issued token
  • note the entry
  • When the day or shift is closed, tally all the entries and compare with the cash received and so on

Some existing Hardware-based Parking Token and Parking Ticket solutions have issues of non-decentralized apps.
This process is cumbersome and AutoHive Square – Parking Lot management Software simplifies the whole process. All the parking lot manager or executive needs to do is to make an entry of IN by clicking a couple of buttons and clicking one button while exiting.
AutoHive Square Software takes care of the rest. It calculates the amount, cash received and gives a complete record of transactions and summary at the end of the shift or the day. All the data are cumulated on a central server and one Parking lot company can cumulate all their parking lot data in one central account and generate reports out of this Parking Lot Management Software.
Choose wisely and make a decision on using a Token Issuing Parking lot management software to simplify Parking Lot Management Business.

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