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Valet Parking

Customers visiting a business premise is an important hallmark in the success of business. Most businesses strive to give a fantastic experience when customers try to visit the business centers, stores wherever the business tends to take place. In such a case, giving a top class product along with top notch experience of the visit by providing services such as Valet Parking, plays a key role in business conversions and success.

Valet Parking Service:

In the same context, this service has become an essential requirement of customers in the luxury segment. This is not to ignore the low and medium segments but as the luxury attracts a premium pricing, customers need and as well expect good number of convenience during the time of their shopping. Sometimes even software or service based companies too tend to give such a service to their customers as the transaction value of such services are very high. Valet Parking services becomes an important need in this scenario.

Need for Valet Parking Service Software:

Mostly big star hotels or high end jewellery shops, high value cloth centers offer valet parking service to ease the pain of customers from the need to park their vehicles in a very densely crowded area where the risks of driving and parking vehicles are high. The business store usually appoints a few valet drivers, a supervisor to receive the vehicle, a supervisor in the place where the vehicle is actually parked for enabling the this services. A few companies use software or App to integrate the work flow between this team of people

How it works:

Usually the supervisor who is in the store front receives the customers and takes over the keys of the visitors. Then the keys are labelled with a sticker with a token number (and or vehicle number) and are then given to the valet (drivers). The driver then drives the vehicle to the actual parking location which may be either inside the premises or may be slightly away but closer enough to the storefront. Once the customer finishes his business, he comes out and the reverse process happens

Valet Parking Software Tokens Screen

This scenario actually is a beautiful case which can be made into a software thus improving the convenience of customers and helping them save a few minutes of their time reducing their wait times. This is arguably not the only reason why a sales might happen, but one of the reasons to improve sales by integrating a Valet Parking App (or Software) in the value being provided to the customers. The end result is a friction free shopping experience for the customer, better conversions and happy customers who will have high chances to visit again

AutoHive Square Valet Parking Software:
PM Square Soft Services Private Limited, a Full Stack Web and Mobile development company engaged in development of products and projects in Asp .net Core, .net 6, React JS/Typescript, Mobile development using Flutter has developed a mobile app product for Valet Parking and can help in deploying a solution for Valet Service providers. We also have a Smart Parking Solutions for managing small to big sized lots.
We also provide customization on the above Apps and Software to suit customer’s needs.

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