Custom Parking Lots

  • Issue autohive square digital tokens
  • Create weekly/monthly subscriptions
  • Pre-configure plans for different types
  • Confirmation OTP to all parking vehicles
  • Parking balances in real time

Theatre / Entertainment Parking Lots

  • Multi parking lots available
  • Manage your parking lots with mobile
  • Issue autohive square digital tokens
  • Record In and OUT in a second
  • Secure your vehicle parking token with OTP

Mall / Corporate Parking Lots

  • Subscriptions for different parking lots
  • Simple IN and OUT record with tokens
  • Barrier gate records your entry/exit
  • SMS confirmation to all parking vehicles
  • Manage your lots without physical presence

Customized Solutions

  • Integrate with your apartment parking lots
  • Parking solutions for smart city projects
  • Special customized solutions for all use cases
  • SMS API Integration for parking
  • Cloud integration for parking tokens

Valet Parking Software

  • Let the customer focus on the purchase
  • No search or wait for parking space
  • Printed valet tokens
  • Support for multiple shops/multiple city setups

The Best Parking Management Solutions:

Auto Hive square provides Parking Management System software (a SaaS product) that helps efficiently improve parking lots’ management. It saves a lot of employee and management time.

 Our mission is to help organizations and parking lots to manage their parking lot locations easily, process multiple types of fees, report vehicles’ parking aging, and many more. Moreover, we help companies to handle the influx of cars and optimize parking space to ensure the safety of both drivers and vehicles. 

The parking management app helps users to get real-time parking information, reserve parking, available parking slots, and other functional & attractive features. Auto hive square is a reputed online parking lot management platform to manage bookable car, bike, or any other vehicle parking spaces. Our Parking Control Software is entirely customizable, allowing users to manage their lots, sparing you the administrative overhead hassle. 

Are you running a company, or do you own star hotels or luxury shops where the customers require utmost care? Our Valet Parking Software is the most suitable software to enhance sales conversion rates by offering valet parking convenience to customers.

Parking Management System – A efficient parking management experience:

Manual parking lot management has recently become unmanageable due to crowds at public places like banks, airports, famous hotels & restaurants, and malls. People face difficulties in managing parked vehicles adding a lot of stress on employees. This technology-based Parking Ticket Software is an advanced & automated solution available in multiple cities across India that makes your life easier.

Our Parking Software is a complete solution, scalable for different business areas ranging from simple employee parking to complex airport installations. The software connects with on-ground Parking Token Hardware and multiple devices to deliver the best parking management system. Not only does it support multiple users, but you can create numerous parking lots using a single account. Auto Hive Square offers the best Parking Ticket Software app, which is updated continuously. You will also see various new features to provide successful results. If you have any queries in your mind Contact us today. 

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